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    Winter headband “Neutral gray”


    This Neutral gray accessory is made for all head sizes so it will fit you perfectly. The knitted braided hair band will become your favorite fall/winter head accessory when you need to feel cosy. It will softly touch & cover your ears, and it will keep your hair away from your face and eyes during windy weather walks. One size woolen headband. Please contact me if you prefer to get a custom order. Merino yarns are suitable for sensitive skin. Soft yarns are itch-free and skin friendly.

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    Strictly knit focus on simple, functional and well designed knitted products. The products are
    inspired by a “strict” and timeless design that fits well with the Scandinavian lifestyle.

    Made by hand in Denmark

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    Weight 0.0100 kg
    Dimensions 50 × 8 × 4.5 cm
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