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    Buy a gift card for someone you love!


    Are you short on time or do you simply want the receiver to
    choose for their own?


    Have a gift card emailed and print it yourself- or have it send by
    post/or picked up in the studio.

    Freguently asked questions.


    Where can I Buy a Strictly Knit Gift Card?

    You can buy this Strictly Knit gift card in our online shop: Buy Gift Certificate


    Where can I use my Gift Certificate?

    You can use this card at all our events as well as in the online shop

    Remember to save your gift card until you receive the item if you use the gift card online.


    How long is my Gift Certificate Strictly Knit valid?

    Your Gift Certificate Strictly Knit is valid for one years from the date of issue.


    What happens if I lose my Gift Certificate Strictly Knit?

    This gift card is a certificate of bearer, and it is therefore – basically – worthless if you lose it.

    The gift card for Strictly Knit is a holder’s certificate, which means, if a man loses it, it cannot be replaced.


    Who should I contact if I have questions or issues with the Strictly Knit Gift Certificates?

    You must contact us by email. The address is


    Can I Exchange Cash Gift Cards for Cash?

    You are always welcome to redeem your Strictly Knit Gift Card for an administration fee of DKK 100.

    Therefore, you cannot redeem a Strictly Knit Gift Card for cash, which has a balance of less than DKK 100.


    Can I Swap with a Gift Certificate Strictly Knit for a New Gift Card?

    You cannot exchange this gift certificate from Strictly Knit for a new gift card,

    and you cannot gather any more gift cards for a new gift card.


    Is there a maximum amount when buying and Strictly Knit Gift Certificates?

    A Strictly Knit Gift Card can be issued at a maximum of DKK 3000 in our online shop

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