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    Strictly knit

    Knitting designer & owner of Strictly Knit

    I am available for freelance.

    And teaching in the art of machine knitting.

    Kristine Skov Cancar is a Copenhagen based Textile designer and the owner behind
    the knitting company Strictly Knit. Kristine studied Product Design and specialized in
    the art of knitting – graduating in 2008.

    KADK The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
    Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

    Kristine´s work is characterized by her excitement of working hands-on with the knitting
    machine in the studio – using materials as wool, cotton and metallic yarns in a wide range
    of different colour combinations. Her “strict” lines and simple forms allow her to focus on
    the material itself and experiment with texture and color tones. She seeks to create an
    sustainable collection of knitted pillows that people can slowly collect and use on a daily
    basis in their home.

    Kristine makes all the samples and the final collection on her 4gg Universal industrial knit-
    ting machine in her own knitting studio at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. All the yarn is
    purchased from European suppliers and it´s important to Kristine that the production is
    as sustainable and transparent as possible.

    Find out more about this machine and Kristine´s making process here.


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